Arms Wendy's Tree Skirt

For Christmas of 2007 I gave my sister a tree skirt. Well, actually, I ran late with the project. So when she unwrapped her present she got to look at the tree skirt in progress. I then took a while to get it finished, but was able to deliver it to her in time for her to use it for Christmas of 2008.

Tree Skirt Magnify The tree skirt is about 5 to 6 feet in diameter, and the top was formed of 16 roughly triangular shaped panels. These alternated between two main fabrics, with a third fabric used as a border between the panels and around the entire skirt. Rather than cutting the outer edges of the panels on a curve to form an overall circle shape, they were cut with points to form a hexadecagon. The back of the skirt is a solid piece of fabric, and sandwiched between fabric is a layer of thin cotton batting.
Close-up of Fabrics Magnify Here's a close-up of one of the edges of the skirt, showing the fabrics I used. I chose the fabric on the right first as it was screamingly perfect for my sister. That's because she likes spirals, and her living room is decorated in shades of sage green. I then chose the other fabrics to complement the first. The fabric on the left is actually a printed metallic organza overlaid on top of a solid forest green.

In this photo you also can't see the lines of hand quilting that hold the layers of the skirt together. That's because I used the "stitch in the ditch" technique of stitching along the seamlines between the fabrics, and my stitches completely disappear into those seams.

Bells on Points Magnify At the point of each panel, I attached a small golden jingle bell.
Backing Fabric Magnify Here's the opening of the skirt folded back, showing how I used the same border fabric from the front of the skirt for the backing as well.
Button Loop Magnify To help hold the skirt in place around the tree, I hand-worked a button loop out of matching pearl cotton.
Button Magnify When the button loop is in place around the fabric covered button, you can barely see either of them.
Folded in Half Magnify Since I had to fold the skirt up after I was done taking photographs, I figured I might as well take photographs of that process, for reference. Here the skirt is folded in half.
Folded in Half Again Magnify Then folded in half again.
Folded to a Point Magnify Then folded in thirds.
Folded to Fit Bag Magnify Then folded in half again, and it's now at the right size to fit into the accompanying storage bag I made from the leftover scraps of fabric.
In Bag Magnify And here it is in the bag.

I don't have a photo showing it, but at the last minute before sending the skirt off to my sister I added one more detail. Since I took those photos showing how the skirt folds to fit the bag, I printed them onto a tag I laminated and attached to the bag. That way she has built in instructions, and won't have to remember from year to year how to get the skirt to fit into the bag.

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