Arms Snow Queen

Snow Queen

This was my new Halloween costume for 2007. The dress is constructed from white tulle covered with icy blue glitter, underlined with white cotton, then accented with a royal blue organza embellished with white and silver snowflakes.

To the right at top you can see a closeup of the bodice of the dress, showing the snowflake brooches which anchor the organza accents to the dress. These were made from plastic snowflakes, painted white and then dusted with white micro glitter.

The next detail photo shows the wig, topped with the icicle tiara. The icicles were formed from and attached to the headband base with hot glue. The entire tiara was then painted white and dusted with white micro glitter.

Below that is the purse I made to match the dress. It's a simple drawstring style, made from the accent organza, underlined with white cotton, and hung from a silver chain. The ends of the drawstrings are embellished with store-bought white glitter snowflake buttons.

The necklace, bracelet, and earrings were made from the same store-bought buttons used on the purse. The tiny snowflakes used in the earrings and to terminate the necklace chain were miniature buttons which I painted white and dusted with white micro glitter to match the larger buttons.

Along with the blue makeup shown in the main photo, the night I wore this I also gave myself a manicure of royal blue topped with silver snowflakes.

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