Arms Rhinestone Earrings

I have a rhinestone necklace that was my Grandmother's. But I've never worn it as much as I'd have liked, as I didn't have earrings that went with it.

No longer. I finally got around to making a pair to match.

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Rhinestone Earrings Magnify When I went looking for rhinestones, I got unreasonably lucky finding some almost the exact same size and shape as those in the necklace. Though of course those in the necklace are glass and have depth to them. While the ones I found are flat backed plastic, and with a slightly different pattern of facets. But still, a seriously good match.

When I first laid the rhinestones out in a pattern to match the necklace, they didn't look right. That's because those in the necklace are outlined by the silvertone settings while mine were bare. So after much experimenting with many different materials and techniques, I finally decided the best way to mimic the silver setting was to surround the rhinestones with a thin line of silver embossing powder.

Once that little detail was added, it was eerie how well the earrings matched the necklace.


The Wrong Lighting Magnify In the right light (or perhaps I should say the wrong light) the differences between the two kinds of rhinestones become more apparent. The plastic ones don't reflect the light nearly as well due to their flat backs. The glass ones also have a faint yellowish tinge, while the plastic ones are more blueish. While I'm sure glass vs. plastic is the major reason for this difference in hue, I wouldn't be surprised if some of it is due to the fact that the glass rhinestones have about fifty years on the plastic ones.
Bright Lighting Magnify But the good news is that in normal to dim lighting the rhinestones look remarkably similar. And if a bright light from a nightclub lighting system (simulated here by my camera flash) catches them, they sparkle the same.

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