Arms Rose Cookies

When I made the cookies for the Coronation of Hanse and Olivia, they were in part an audition for Olivia, to see if she liked my cookies. She did, so I then did one of the most foolish things I've ever done - I volunteered to make cookies for her Queen's Tea at Pennsic XXX.

Of course, me being me, I had to go completely over the top. The plan was to make 10 cookies for each of the 16 Kingdoms of the Society, with each Kingdom's cookies being in the colors of the roses on the Queen's arms.

Blank Cookies As it turns out, I slightly mis-estimated the amount of dough I needed for all the cookies. I had figured that a quintuple batch of dough would be enough. But it turns out that this only made 145 cookies, shown here on a card table. I thought about making another batch of dough to get the planned number of cookies, but then I had a reality-check moment and I realized that we would probably be just fine with only 9 cookies for each Kingdom instead of 10.

(BTW - I thought about taking a picture of the quintuple batch of dough, but I didn't because there wouldn't really have been any sense of scale. But for anyone who cares, it was a wad about the size of a volleyball.)
Icing the Cookies Here are some of the cookies halfway through being decorated. Some have been filled in, and others are still only outlined.
View of Kitchen Here is a view of what my kitchen looked like during the middle of this ridiculous project, with most of the petals of the roses filled in.
With Seeds and Barbs Here is a tableful of the cookies with the seeds and barbs added.
All Roses And here are the completed cookies. There are only 11 shown here, because some of the 16 Kingdoms have roses of the exact same color combinations.

© 2001 Jessica I. Clark
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