Arms Mirror Box

A few years ago at Pennsic, I finally got around to getting myself a mirror box from Baron Tancred of Tanglewood. These are wonderful wooden boxes with mirrors mounted in their lids that come in a variety of sizes perfect for jewelry, makeup, etc. These boxes come unfinished, which I think is good as it encourages everyone to make theirs their own. Of course, I took a couple of years to get around to finishing mine. But I have to say I'm thrilled with how it came out.

Box Top Magnify I painted the top of my box with my arms, per fess indented argent and sable, a demi-dragon issuant from the line of division gules.
Box Front Magnify The sides of the box are painted with my motto in silver. Said motto being "je puis le fayre", which is medieval French for "I can do that". I also replaced the simple brass latch that came on the box with a fancier nickel plated one.
Box Corner Magnify Here you can see that the motto actually repeats on all sides. While not shown, I also replaced the brass hinges at the back of the box with nickel plated ones.
Dividers Magnify Inside the box, I made a set of dividers so I can store my coronets with my jewelry, but avoid them getting all tangled.
Filled Dividers Magnify Here the dividers are loaded up with all my coronets and most of my jewelry.
Dividers with Lid Magnify The center divider has a lid that's held in place by pressure when the box is closed. That way I can safely store earrings or other tiny items that might otherwise try to escape the dividers when the box is moved around.
Box Open Magnify Here you can see the loaded box opened up, displaying the mirror mounted inside. I added some velcro dots to the underside corners of the mirror frame, to avoid it swinging around wildly as the box top is opened. Once again, I replaced the brass hinges at the top of the mirror frame with nickel plated ones.
Box Propped Magnify Here the mirror is propped at the front of the box, ready to be used. To make it easier to get a grip on the mirror frame when pulling it free of the velcro dots and adjusting its propped position, I also added a small silver painted knob to the bottom of the frame.
Box in Bag Magnify To make it easier to carry my mirror box, and also to protect the finish in transport, I made a carrying bag. It's constructed from black cotton duck, lined with red cotton flannel, with red cotton webbing for the handles.
Carrying Bag Magnify And here's the bag on end, ready to head off to an event.

© 2008 Jessica I. Clark
Permission to print a copy for your own use freely given. Please contact me for permission to reprint or distribute.
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