Arms Green Field Burgundian

Green Field Burgundian

This dress isn't really period, either in its construction or in the materials I chose. (The green leafy print isn't quite appropriate for the 15th Century.) But its design and execution do both succeed in the sense that the dress gives the appearance of a fancy 15th Century gown, while it has a shorter hem length more suited to field garb. I did goof by making the sleeves a bit too tight for field garb. So the next time I make a dress of this style I'll have to remember to alter the sleeve pattern to correct that.

Amusingly, while I had been meaning to create a field burgundian for a while, it wasn't that goal that was the primary inspiration for making this dress. Instead, it was the green necklace I'm also wearing in the photo, given to me by my sister for my birthday. While the necklace was screamingly perfect to be worn with a burgundian gown, I didn't have a green gown. So of course I had to make one, so I could wear the necklace.

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