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Fia's Banner I made this banner for the occasion of my friend Fia being inducted into the Order of the Pelican.

The design of the banner is Fia's arms - Argent, a pale between in bend sinister a sword inverted and a fleam gules.

The banner is constructed from 100% cotton fabric and cotton-wrapped polyester thread. The bulk of the construction, including the stripe down the center of the banner, was completed on my serger and sewing machine. The fleam and sword motifs, however, were hand appliqued.

Putting the banner pole together was an interesting project. I found I didn't like the size, look, or feel of any of the wooden finials available in stores in my area. So instead I chose some drawer pulls that were appealing. But then there was the challenge of figuring out how to attach the drawer pulls to a pole, as they're designed to be bolted to the drawer from the inside, rather than screwed to it from the front. I wound up cobbling together several pieces of PVC pipe components, modified using my dremel. The drawer pulls were bolted to those pipe components, and then the components were screwed/forced onto the ends of a dowel.

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