Arms Cookies from the Coronation of Hanse and Olivia

These are the cookies I made for the Coronation of Hanse and Olivia, held on April 21, AS XXXV. I made a large batch of the King's and Queen's Arms cookies for everyone in the Royal Room to enjoy. But I also made special individual cookies for Master Duane and Duchess Moruadh.

East Kingdom Arms I think there's something seriously wrong with me that I actually figured out how to do fimbriation in icing.
Marvin Master Duane has an affinity for Marvin, so he seemed the obvious choice for his cookie. But since I didn't have time to find a Marvin cookie cutter I cut this one by hand. I'm not doing that again.
Haley Duchess Moruadh loves her doggies, so I based this cookie on her latest puppy, Haley. (Okay, so she's not a puppy anymore. But she was the last time I saw her.)

© 2001 Jessica I. Clark
Permission to print a copy for your own use freely given. Please contact me for permission to reprint or distribute.
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