Arms Cakes

Although my worst cooking addiction is probably cookies, I also like to make cakes.

Leaf Cake I made this cake for my sister's birthday one year. I chose the autumn leaves design because her birthday is at the end of October.
Leaf and Acorn Cake This autumn themed cake was made for Thanksgiving.
Almond Torte A couple of years ago, my friend Dagmar made an almond torte for dessert on my sister's birthday. I loved it so much that I just had to make one too (I think it was for Thanksgiving later that year.)
Tagma Cake I made this cake for the 2001 "Haus Von Drackenklaue Post-Pennsic No-Shit Story Party", which also doubles as a birthday party for Lucan. The Tagma is one of the Haus VDK badges, and when augmented with a Ducal coronet as seen here, indicates Lucan specifically. So heraldically speaking, this was the ideal design for a cake for this combination party. The interior of the cake was a triple-layer Black Forest cake.

© 2001 Jessica I. Clark
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