Arms Butterfly Jewelry Box

As my friend Ali's birthday approached, I realized I wanted to give her a jewelry box. But when I shopped around I discovered a discrepancy between boxes I could afford and boxes that had any chance of holding even a small portion of Ali's jewelry collection. So after debating my dilemma for a while, I realized the most cost-effective way for me to get a box that would hold a decent amount of Ali's jewelry collection would be for me to make one.

Butterfly Jewelry Box Magnify The jewelry box is formed from a letter-legal sized cardboard archiving box, covered with a butterfly print fabric. I chose butterflies because they're one of Ali's favorite animals.
Box Front Magnify On the front of the box you can see a brass catch. This is sewn to the underside of the lid and the front of the box with coordinating blue pearl cotton. As sewing directly to the cardboard would invite tearing, I actually sewed through brass eyelets I had inserted into the carboard.
Box Side Magnify The carrying handles are simple oval shaped holes cut into the sides of the box near the top edge. I inserted pieces of cardboard covered with a coordinating blue fabric into the interior of the box, so no plain cardboard would be visible through theses holes.

If you look closely at the right side of the box in this photo, you can see that the front of the box is covered by a separate overlapping piece of cardboard.

Box Opened Magnify As you open the lid of the box, this separate piece of cardboard folds down to reveal the interior of the box. Not shown are two brass hinges at the rear of the lid, sewed to the box in the same manner as the catch. There are also two brass chains on either side of the lid, to keep it from opening too far.
Drawers Magnify From the front of the box you can see the interior holds a blue fabric covered framework, which itself holds six drawers.
Drawers Close-Up Magnify A closeup of the drawers shows the drawer pulls, which I formed by covering screw rivets with a bit of padding and more of the coordinating blue fabric.
Drawer 6 Magnify The bottommost drawer is extra deep (about two inches) and without dividers. My thought was that Ali could use it to store coronets or other large items.
Drawer 5 Magnify The next drawer up also has no dividers, but is only about one inch deep. (The remaining drawers are all the same depth.)
Drawer 4 Magnify The next drawer is divided into long and narrow compartments, suitable for necklaces.
Drawer 3 Magnify The next drawer has shorter compartments, suitable for smaller necklaces or flexible bracelets.
Drawer 2 Magnify The next drawer has large square compartments, suitble for rigid bracelets or large hoop earrings.
Drawer 1 Magnify The next drawer has smallers square compartments, suitable for moderate sized earrings.
Top Dividers Magnify Lastly there's a section of dividers set into the top of the box, above all the drawers. This section has smaller compartments, suitable for smaller earrings and rings.

© 2009 Jessica I. Clark
Permission to print a copy for your own use freely given. Please contact me for permission to reprint or distribute.
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