Arms Band Boxes

Over the years I've made a variety of band boxes as gifts. Here are pictures of some of them

Blue Boxes I made these nesting boxes for a bridal shower gift for a friend. There's a bit of a story to these actually. I had already begun work on making a quilt as a wedding present for her when the idea occurred to me to make the boxes for the bridal shower gift. I had picked eight blue fabrics for the quilt, but had only bought just the amount of them that I needed. When I went back to the fabric store to get more of the fabrics for the boxes, they had sold out of one of them. Thankfully I had not yet cut out all of the pieces that I needed for the quilt though, so I got the other fabrics anyway. Then with a little bit of creative layout, I was able to squeeze some scraps out of the quilt yardage for the boxes. The fabric in question, by the way, is the one that forms the top of the top left box.

Then the fun part was watching her unwrap the boxes and, about a month later, the quilt. I remember that when she first saw the quilt, she commented something to the effect of how it matched the boxes. I then got to tell her how, actually, the boxes matched the quilt.
Ribbon Woven I made the top of this box out of woven ribbons. The body of the box was made out of coordinating blue moire taffeta.
Compass Rose Box This box has a pieced and quilted top in the design of a compass rose.

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