Arms 20th Pennsic Favor Project

Favor Magnify  With Pennsic 37, my 20th Pennsic, rapidly approaching, I decided to celebrate it I wanted to give out 20 favors to people I felt contributed to "The Pennsic Experience" (or at least My Pennsic Experience). So I cranked out 20 favors of my badge and initial, painted on fabric.
Favor Card Magnify  With each favor I included a card with matching graphics and an explanation.
Recipient 1 Magnify  Lady Meitheamb O'Faolain attended my first class, So This Is Your First Pennsic?. After it ended she was kind enough to give me a token, telling me I had done a good job. That was great, to get that affirmation that my class was helpful. So to represent my love of teaching classes at Pennsic I gave her a favor.
Recipient 2 Magnify  Doing laundry mid-war, I ran into Mistress Nicolette Bonhomme, whom I've known almost as long as I've been in the SCA. That's so typical of Pennsic - running into someone you know in the oddest of places. So I gave her one as well.
Recipients 3 and 4 Magnify  Wandering the merchants one day, as I passed two ladies I heard a conversation along the lines of...
     "Which way are we going?"
     "Huh? I'm following you"
     "Oh! I was following you"
That's just so completely Pennsic. So Baroness Janina Krakowska and Mistress Elien of Sheffield had to get favors.
Recipient 5 Magnify  For one of my few pre-planned ideas, I then headed to the spot where I pitched my tent my very first Pennsic and located the person camped there this year. While Eowyn Eilonwy of Alewife Brook and I never actually been officially introduced before then, I was somehow not surprised to find her a familiar face and name from my area back home.
Recipient 6 Magnify  I was sad to hear this would be the last year one of my favorite merchants, Falcon's Mew, would be attending Pennsic. Though I was then heartened to learn she's made arrangements for another merchant to continue to carry some of her wares. So of course I had to give her a favor, as perusing her fabulous cat toys has become one of my favorite Pennsic activities.
Recipient 7 Magnify  Thinking ahead to later in the War, I realized Ladies Night (a fabulous party) has become a big part of my Pennsic experience. But suspecting that cameras wouldn't be allowed that night (which it turns out is correct), I realized if I wanted a photo of the hostess, Duquesa Isabella of York, I'd have to find her in advance.
Recipient 8 Magnify  Passing by Ancaster camp that evening on my way home, and stopping to schmooze, I happened to be there at 6:00pm, and got to ring the bell. That was so fun! Plus, I love the Ancaster bell, as it adds both medieval atmosphere and useful function to Pennsic. So Ralph the Carter had to get a favor.
Recipient 9 Magnify  Passing by the battlefield the next day, I ran into Duke Alaric Sartiano von Drachenklaue. He's my haus brother, but he lives out-Kingdom. So since I only see him at Pennsic I think he definitely qualifies as part of my Pennsic experience.
Recipient 10 Magnify  Later that day I stopped by Neverland Designs and saw my haus sister Adrianna mac Kinnon, who I also mostly only see at Pennsic these days. She was very busy sewing for most of this war, so we didn't get to spend as much time together as I would have liked. But most years a large part of my Pennsic experience is spending hours hanging out with her in her booth, catching up on everything.
Recipient 11 Magnify  Then passing through the food court I happened upon James, a very well-dressed young lord. I love seeing little kids in period clothing, and of course at Pennsic you see more of them than anywhere else. So he got a favor as representative of that aspect of Pennsic.
Recipient 12 Magnify  Thinking more about what makes Pennsic for me, I realized that in addition to teaching classes, I also love attending them. So a favor had to go to Mistress Rosamund Beauvisage, Chancellor of the Pennsic University.
Recipient 13 Magnify  Then wandering through the merchant area yet again, I happened upon a performance by Wolgemut, who I had seen several times this war. Middle Eastern music is so prevalent at Pennsic but unfortunately just doesn't call to me. So it was wonderfully refreshing this year to keep hearing Wolgemut's stuff, as it does call to me. So I had to give them a favor.
Anderson Bus  Heading home, I managed to catch the bus up the hill. While I try to walk the hill as much as I can for the exercise, I do appreciate having the bus as an option, for when I'm not up to the hike. That night the driver was one I'd ridden with earlier in the war, and I was struck not for the first time how friendly and cool he was. So I decided he needed a favor. Of course his flustered and tickled reaction to this just reinforced that it was a correct decision, as he really seemed to appreciate the thought. Unfortunately there wasn't time for a photo, nor did I catch his name. So the best I can do is a picture of the bus (yoinked from the bus company website.)
Recipient 15 Magnify  Back in camp I realized I had to acknowledge Haus der Krieger for their inspiration and continuing work in ensuring that VDK has showers in camp. (My Pennsic experience would be much less pleasant without those showers.) So here's Fygen Abendroth, standing by the showers, who accepted the favor on behalf of the Haus.
Recipient 16 Magnify  Last year VDK camp added a new improvement, our camp bar. No big surprise to anyone who knows me, this became a fast favorite of mine. So of course I had to give a favor to Ulrich Abendroth, creator and resident bartender.
Recipient 17 Magnify  Earlier in the week I had a wonderfully fascinating conversation with Aohdan about persona development and synchronicity. That kind of conversation, while not something that happens at every Pennsic, is always something I love. Plus, while I had met Aohdan last year, I got to know him a lot better this year. So for both the conversation and the pleasure of forming new friendships, Aohdan got a favor.
Recipients 18 and 19 Magnify  I don't know why it took me so long to realize that two of the favors had to go to Lucan and Jana, the heads of Duchy Von Drachenklaue. Without them, I would not be a member of this wonderful haus, and my Pennsic would not be the same. Plus, both of them do so much work to ensure we have such a nice place to camp every year.
Recipient 20 Magnify  My last favor I decided to give to my friend Martin. This year and last we've travelled together to and from Pennsic, and it's been great to have company on the ride. Plus, she's just such a great friend, taking care of me in so many ways.

I had a lot of fun with this project. So despite the last-minute addition to my already-hefty to do list, I'm really glad I decided to take the time to commemorate my 20th Pennsic this way.

© 2008 Jessica I. Clark
Permission to print a copy for your own use freely given. Please contact me for permission to reprint or distribute.
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