Arms Writing Award Recommendation Letters

Several years ago I had the opportunity to help a friend who was Queen to sort and file a large quantity of award recommendation letters. The task turned out to be more difficult than we had thought it would be though, because as we read through the letters we discovered that many of them were missing important pieces of information. We ran across letters that didn't say who had written them. We ran across letters that didn't say why the person being recommended was worthy of the award. We even ran across one that while it went on at great length to very eloquently praise the person being recommended, failed to say who that person was and what they were being recommended for.

On the other hand, some of the letters were very well written. They included all of the necessary information and stated it concisely and clearly.

To achieve this ideal letter, I recommend the following guidelines:

Write one letter per person per award. You can include multiple letters in an envelope, but each person and award should be in a separate letter so that it can be filed appropriately. Multiple people or awards in one letter are more likely to become misfiled and not acted upon.

Your letter should be neatly hand written, typed, or printed in an easy to read font. Don't use calligraphy or calligraphy style fonts. The person reading the letter should be able to read it easily.

Your letter should include:

Sample Award Recommendation Letter

Jean & Jeanne de la Biche
c/o John & Jane Doe
123 Main Street
Smallville, MA 01234
Irène leNoir
c/o Jessica Clark
456 Main Street
Smallville, MA 01234
(508) 123-4567
January 1, 2001

Unto Your Majesties Jean and Jeanne,

I am writing to recommend to you that you consider inducting Susana Forgeron (MKA Susan Smith) into your order of the Maunche. Susana is an extremely talented cook. She has run the kitchen and planned the menu for several feasts held in your Shire of Smoking Rocks, most recently the Highland Games event. She researches all of her recipes and does her own redactions. The results are both accurate and delicious. She has also entered her dishes in competitions, and has won the cooking category of the Northern Lights Arts & Sciences Pentathalon the past two years.

Susana resides in the Shire of Smoking Rocks and is likely to attend any event held there. She also will likely be attending the upcoming Northern Lights this spring and Boredom War this summer. If you do decide to induct Susana into the order of the Maunche, please contact her husband, Robert Forgeron (MKA Bob Smith) to let him know so that he can inform friends who would wish to be there. He can be reached at (508) 555-1234, or at This is his work email address, and Susana does not have access to it. Their home address is 789 Main Street, Smallville, MA 01234. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

In Service,
Irène leNoir

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